Surf Web3 phish-freeworry-freescam-free.

Novus detects and alerts you of phishing links, social engineering threats, and other decentralized scams so you can browse safely without worry.


Real-time alerts

Novus notifies you of suspicious sites before you have a chance to connect your wallet.

APIs galore

Double and triple check sites using tools like Etherscan, VirusTotal and more - all within the same extension.

Sit back and relax

We're leveraging a community-based scoring model to put you at peace of mind when browsing in web3.


preventive security > reactive security. We'll prove it to you for free.

$0 /month


Free. Forever.

Transaction signing translated

Revoke wallet permissions

Phishing detection + alerts

Website redirection

Community flagging

Social engineering threat detection

$10 /month


Everything included in Lite, plus:

✓ Security threat explanations

✓ Community member perks

Live wallet monitoring

✓ Multi-wallet support

✓ Blockchain explorer APIs


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